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If anyone is looking for a personal trainer

Posted by on November 15, 2019

I had my free introductory session with Tyler today At Focal Point Training on S. Park St and I connect with Tyler’s philosophy on personal training. I like his “quit while you are ahead” idea and his holistic approach to feeling good and looking good. I’ve seen people pushing themselves without understand why they are doing so. While this is not a gym, at least not until they expand and they have plans to do that, this is a great place to start learning about how to take care of oneself, not be judged, and feeling, eating and sleeping good.

What I like best about focal point training is Tyler’s personality and attitude. Super friendly, enthusiastic and willingness to work with individuals to meet personal goals. Besides being a certified personal trainer, Tyler is also certified in hypnosis to help his clients achieve their goals after a training session. I really connect with his methodology of creating a program for the individual to make exercising sustainable and fun.

Package starts out with 10 sessions to learn (and do) how to feel where you need to be and how you can make progress on your own after the sessions or sign up for individual sessions with Tyler after that.

If anyone is looking for a personal trainer, I would recommend Tyler.

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