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Single Straight Sword (Dan Jian – 单剑)

The jian  (straight, or double edged sword), is a more delicate weapon compared to the dao (broadsword) or spear. It is associated with the Phoenix. The jian is the weapon of the scholar or gentleman. The practice of the sword develops precise movements, focused awareness and the ability to project one’s jing or intention to the blade of the sword. This form is characterized by light, spiraling movements that demonstrate the internal aspects of Chen Style Taijiquan.  Include in the sword form are techniques for piercing, choping or hacking, hacking, pointing or tipping, slicing and parrying. While the tassle looks fancy, it is purely decorative and for show. The movements of the sword form is performed like a dragon flying through the sky – fluid, smooth and continuous.

The video at the end of the page is from Grandmaster Chen Zhen Lei and is the form taught by Master Chen Huixian when she was in Madison 2012. I learned my sword from from Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing and Master Ren Guang Yi and there are differences between their forms and this video.

First Section

1. Preparatory stance (yu bei shi), sometimes also referred to as starting form (qi shi) 预备式 or 起势(起勢)
2.Taichi Sword Beginning Posture (Taijijian Chu Shi)
3.Face the Sun (Chao Yang Jian)
4.Immortal Pointing the Way (Xian Ren Zhi Lu)
5.Green Dragon Flies Out of Water (Qing Long Chu Shui)
6.Knee-protecting Sword (Hu Xi Jian)
7.Closing the Gate Form (Bi Men Shi)
8.Green Dragon Flies Out of Water (Qing Long Chu Shui)
9.Turn Body And Chop with Sword (Fan Shen Xia Pi Jian)
10.Green Dragon Turns Its Body (Qing Long Zhuan Shen)
11.Diagonal Flying Form (Xie fei Shi)
12.Spread Wings and Bow Head (Zhan chi Dian Tou)

Second Section

13.Beat Grass and Find the Snake (Bo cao Xun She)
14.Gold Rooster Stand on One Leg (Jin ji Du Li)
15.Immortal Pointing the Way (Xian ren Zhi Lu)
16.Cover and Pull Back (Gai lan Shi)
17.Ancient Tree Roots (Gu Shu Pan Gen)
18.Hungry Tiger Pounces on Prey (E Hu Pu Shi)
19.Green Dragon Swings Its Tail (Qing Long Bai Wei)
20.Backward Arm Circling (Dao Juan Hong)
21.Wild Horse Leaping Ravine (Ye Ma Tiao Jian)
22.White Snake Spits Out (Bai She Tu Xin)
23.Black Dragon Swings Tail (Wu Long Bai Wei)
24.Zhongkui’s Sword (Zhong Kui Zhang Jian)
25.Luohan Subduing Dragon (Luo Han Xiang Long)
26.Black Bear Turns Backward (Hei Xiong Fan Bei)

Third Section

27.Swallow Pecks the Mud (Yan Zi Zhuo Ni)
28.White Snake Spits Out (Bai She Tu Xin)
29.Diagonal Flying Form (Xie Fei Shi)
30.Hawk & Bear’s Battle of Wits (Ying Xiong Dou Zhi)
31.Swallow Pecks the Mud (Yan Zi Zhuo Ni)
32.Pluck Star and Return It (Zhai Xing Huan Dou)
33.Scoop Moon from Under Sea (Hai Di Lao Yue)
34.Immortal Pointing the Way (Xian Ren Zhi Lu)
35.Phoenix Dips Its Head (Feng Huang Dian Tou)
36.Swallow Pecks the Mud (Yan Zi Zhuo Ni)
37.White Snake Spits Out (Bai She Tu Xin)

Fourth Section

38.Diagonal Flying Form (Xie Fei Shi)
39.Push Leftward (Zuo Tuo Qian Jin)
40.Push Rightward (You Tuo Qian Jin)
41.Swallow Pecks the Mud (Yan Zi Zhuo Ni)
42.White Ape Presents Fruits (Bai Yuan Xian Guo)
43.Flowers Falling Form (Luo Hua Shi)
44.Jab Upward then Downward (Shang Xia Xie Ci)
45.Diagonal Flying Form (Xie Fei Shi)
46.Nezha Searches the Sea (Ne Zha Tan Hai)
47.Boa Turns Itself Around (Guai Mang Fan Shen)
48.Weituo Presents Pounder (Wei Tuo Xian Chu)
49.Mill Stone Turning Sword (Mo Pan Jian)
50.Return to Origin Posture (Taijijian Huanyuan)