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Welcome! My name is Khiang Seow (萧志強) and this site is dedicated to my ongoing learning of Chen Style Taijiquan.

Chen Style Taijiquan is the oldest form of Taijiquan from which all other styles (Yang, Wu, Wu Sun, He) were created. Synthesized by Chen Wang Ting in the 17th century, Chen Style Taijiquan is a comprehensive internal martial art. The system of Chen Style Taijiquan includes various forms and training methods, all of which are taught in ChenVillage.

I have personally benefited from learning taiji and qigong in my career though having good ethics, good health, and personal confidence. I am eager to help others experience the same benefits and be successful in life. Taiji is not just an exercise for me, it is my way of life. My goal is to pass on what I know about this amazing art as taught to me by my teachers (lao shi 老师) and along the way, show others that taijiquan can be learned by anyone, young or old, and there is nothing mysterious about taiji.

We are a group of taiji practitioners dedicated to spreading and promoting the traditional art and culture of Chen style taijiquan in Madison, Wisconsin. We strive to create a fun and interesting environment for everyone to learn and we welcome all levels of students from beginners to advance to join us and help spread this wonderful art.