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January’s Mini Workshops at Hybrid Athletic Club


Saturday, 1/6/18 9am – 12 noon 

  • Fundamentals of Chen Style Taijiquan
    This is an introduction to Chen Style Taijiquan. We start with stretching, followed by standing and then learn silk reeling exercises (SRE), to coordinate our movements through the core. There will be theory, practices and corrections etc.

Saturday, 1/6/18 2pm – 5pm 

  • 18 Movements Form
    Created by Grandmaster Chen Zhen Lei, this is a subset of the long beginner’s form (Lao Jia Yi Lu – Old Frame First Routine). It builds upon the previous workshop. We will start with stretches, standing and a quick review of the SRE.

Saturday, 1/13/18 9am – 12 noon – Part 1 of 4
Saturday, 1/13/18 2pm – 5 pm – Part 2 of 4
Sunday, 1/14/18 9am – 12 noon – Part 3 of 4
Sunday, 1/14/18 2pm – 5 pm – Part 4 of 4

  • Lao Jia Yi Lu – Old Frame First Routine
    These 4 sessions will focus on the traditional beginner’s form learned in Chen Village. The form consists of 75 movements.. Each session will build upon the previous session unless you already know the form.

Hybrid Athletic Club
2881 Commerce Park Dr, Suite A
Fitchburg, WI 53719
(608) 276-8074

Each 3-hr session is $25 per person. Keeping it simple, show up early to make payment at the front desk. Send me an email as well so I know who is coming. See you at the classes.

Download Mini Workshop Flyer