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Silk Reeling Exercises

Silk reeling exercises is a beginner’s class. It is an excellent introduction to what real taiji (tai chi) is about; Chen Style Taijiquan is the oldest and the ancestor of, all the other Taiji styles. You will learn the basics of these graceful Taiji movements (warm up, stretching, patterns, stance training) for increased focus, balance, flexibility, and strength. And, unlike other Taiji styles, you will also learn self defense because the martial arts aspects are still preserved within the Chen Style Taijiquan system. Reaping the benefits of health and self defense is unique in this system.

Each class includes hands-on instructions that cater to both new and experienced students. Learn and progress at your own pace.


Once you understand the movement principle of Chen Style Taijiquan, you are ready to embark on a new journey by learning the empty hands forms. From the simple 19 form to the traditional long form (LaoJiaYiLu) that is taught in Chen Village, Henan Province, China. The traditional long form has 76 movements and each movement consists of multiple steps that include stepping, pivoting, stomping and balancing in accordance to the movement principle. Other forms and weapons may be added over time depending on students’ level and interest. The silk reeling exercises class is a pre-requisite to learning empty hands form but can be taken at the same time. Beyond these forms, you will learn additional form sets and eventually apply the movement principles to learn to wield weapons such as the straight sword (Dan Jian) which has fluid movements.