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Chen Huixian is coming back to Madison in August

Patrick (Ancient Root Taiji) will be hosting Huixian again this year Aug 24th – 26th at ORTHDX Natural Fitness, 2903 N Sherman Ave.

As a 20th generation descendant of the Chen Family and a direct-line inheritor of the Chen Family Taijiquan (Tai Chi) system, Chen Huixian is dedicated to spreading and promoting the traditional martial art of her ancestors. Through Chen Huixian we are able to offer access to an unbroken line of teaching and training methods that has been preserved by Chen Huixian’s family in Chenjiagou (Chen Village) for over 350 years.

This year, Huixian will be teaching Lao Jia Er Lu (Cannon Fist), push hands and parts of Lao Jia Yi Lu (continuation from last year). Get in on the early bird pricing to save your spot.

For more information, on the workshop, head on over to Patrick’s website. Watch the videos and read what people are saying about her teaching. I totally enjoy her easy style of teaching and willingness to answer any questions about her family’s art form.