Spring is around the corner

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. It has been a while since I sent an update. I’ve checked in with the Senior Center staff and they are evaluating their on-site programs for April since vaccinations are underway. For those eligible for the vaccine, I hope you have gotten one or would consider getting one. If you have not gotten your vaccination and you are in the phase 1 eligible group, please reach out to local pharmacies or your healthcare provider to get vaccinated. Vaccination not only protects you and your loved ones, it will also allow us to go back to class and enjoy our weekly exercises. Unfortunately, I am not in the right age group to get the vaccination so once I get it, we can start meeting again.

While we wait for the news from the Senior Center, I want to remind everyone that there is a video that you can follow along for silk reeling. It will be as if I am in front of the class. I will include a link below. Keep moving daily. You can do the warm-ups exercises for 15 mins or double the counts and stretch it out to 30 mins. My daily stretches are now reaching 45 mins to an hour and I feel great throughout the day. I hope you can do that too.

With weather warming up and snow melting, we will start evaluating parks’ conditions for outdoor classes. Outdoor classes may resume sooner than indoor classes. Masks are still required for classes if anyone in the group, including myself, is not vaccinated. 

Here’s the link to the video you can use to keep moving daily.


Until my next update, stay tune to the web site www.chenstyletaijiquan.net and your email inbox.

— Khiang

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Update on fall classes

I just received a notification that due to the rising number of Covid-19 cases, all on-site city programs are cancelled per the Governor’s recommendation.

I will keep everyone posted when they re-start the on-site programs. My apology for the bad news, Until then – keep practicing what you know.

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Chen Village – where it all began

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Classes are going well

Tuesday and Thursday classes are going well. As a reminder, please wear a mask during class and keep social distancing before and after class. Do not come to class if you feel unwell in any way. See you at the next class.

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Beautiful day at Klief Park

Lucky to have this group of dedicated participants.

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New book available in Amazon

This book is now available on Amazon. I’ve mine, go get yours today.

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Online Taijiquan Basics

Due to the extended Safer At Home initiative, Fitchburg Senior Center offered me the opportunity to make a video of our weekly warm-ups and silk reeling exercises and because the space is small and tight. I’m only doing the stationary portion of the silk reeling exercises.

The video is available at http://factv.fitchburgwi.gov/CablecastPublicSite/show/12329?channel=2 as well as scheduled air times. I hope by the time we get back together in person again, we can add on standing corrections, moving steps , and do the forms together. Until then, please stay safe, protect not just yourself but others through social distancing, earning masks etc until we are sure our healthcare system is ready for us to get the coronavirus. It is not “IF” but “when” we will get the virus.

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Direct from Chen Village

To all my taijiquan friends:

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, taijiquan friends from all over the world have sent us a lot of greetings of concern. Under the leadership of my government, the epidemic in China is now under control and the crisis situation is easing. Today COVID-19 has spread on a global scale, and each of us is just an ordinary member of the global family. Although we are not all able to be fighting the virus in the frontline like medical and hospital staff, we can all contribute to our country’s effort by protecting ourselves.

My friends, following the outbreak in my country, I wish to convey to you China’s valuable experience and the measures taken to prevent the spread of the contagion. You must treat the virus outbreak very seriously and protect yourself well!

1. Stay at home as much as possible

2. Wear a mask when you go out

3. Keep distance between people

4. Avoid crowds

5. Avoid touching things; don’t rub your eyes

6. Be sure to wash when you get home

7. Leave outdoor coats and shoes at the door

8. Avoid bringing the virus into your home

9. The house should be ventilated every day

10. Keep regular hours and eat a balanced diet

Remember to practice Taijiquan every day! Enhance your immunity!

Friends, please protect yourself. I look forward to meeting you again!

Chen Ziqiang















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News from Chen Village

Hi friends: a very powerful message Kim Ivy received from Chenjiagou on WeChat, from Cui Bing, CZQs wife, CXX’s daughter-in-law. (WeChat has a translation feature).

Hello! Kim, how’s it going? How are you and your family? The news shows that the number of sick people in the United States has increased a lot. Are you all right? Hope all is well! This virus is too cunning, at present in addition to stay at home, there is no other way to resist, must not go out, do not contact with others. It took us many days at home to get this virus under control. Be sure to take care of your body! You must be careful! Try to avoid going out and practice tai chi every day at home, because China is in the process of treating and fighting viruses. Many health care workers and experts working on the front-line are advocating taijiquan to improve their immunity, enhance heart and lung function, and resist the invasion of viruses while treating the virus with medicine at the same time. Wish you and your family peace!

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平静 (Píngjìng) Calmness, quietness

As we all stay at home for the people we care about, practice calming down through the standing posture longer.

Like I said many times, the first stage of standing is to calm the mind. Really, there’s nothing better to do now but learn to calm the mind. Once the mind is calm, you will find your body, you will find your center. Once you found it, let the mind rest there.

Your body will settle in and the weight in the upper body disappears as each muscle group find its equilibrium state and each part of the body stack on the next part and eventually the upper body just rest.

The quads are burning now, let it burn. Strength is building up. Strength is what we need now to prepare ourselves for the next phase.

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