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Khiang Seow (萧志強)

My taiji journey started in 1990 when an elderly gentleman from China taught me Yang Style Taijiquan and qigong to stay healthy. In 1995, I saw Chen Style Taijiquan for the first time. Little did I know that I will be practicing Chen style Taijiquan for the rest of my life.

Through a series of fortunate introductions, I have studied Chen Style Taijiquan with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang, Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing, Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei. These gentlemen are direct descendants of the originator of Taijiquan. I have also studied with their disciples, Master Ren Guang Yi, Master Chen Bing, Master Chen Zhi Qiang and Master Chen Hui Xian. I consider all of them my teachers (老师 lao3 shi1) because it is through them that my understanding of Chen Style Taijiquan has grown deeper with each interaction, advancing my understanding of Chen style taijiquan. I continue to study with these great teachers whenever opportunities arise, which amounts to about 3 workshops a year between March and Nov. In 2010, I spent two weeks in Chen Jia Gou, Henan province, China – the village where taijiquan originated, practicing taijiquan every day. It was humbling to be amidst villagers who started their training as early as 3 years old, eating, sleeping and breathing taijiquan. I have also been fortunate to be a translator for some of my teachers’ workshops in the U.S. which deepens my knowledge of the art.

While my repertoire include 9 sets of empty hand forms and 5 sets of weapons forms, I continue to be a student seeking to learn new sets when opportunity arises. Forms include Lao Jia Yi Lu, Lao Jia Er Lu, Xin Jia Yi Lu, Xin Jia Er Lu, 18 form, 19 form, 38 form, Silk Reeling Exercises, and push hands drills. Weapons include single sword (49 form and 54 form), broad sword, double straight sword, fan (36 form) and spear.

The opinions found on this site are strictly mine and it is perfectly reasonable to disagree with me. If you have questions or comments, use the contact form to get in touch with me. My goal is to pass on what I know of this martial art and a bit of the Chinese culture to anyone willing to listen.