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Chen Taiji Fan

(last updated 2/22/22)

A fellow taijiquan practitioner reached out recently asking if I have more information on the fan forms. I dug up my notes and now I remember why this section is never done. It is tough to document what you don’t know. FOr those who are interested in learning more about the competition fan form and the requirements, refer to this video.

Dakar 2026 Youth Olympic Games Wushu Competition Taijishan Techniques Training Workshop

One must take note that the fan form is a recent development and not a part of the traditional weapons set of Chen Style Taijiquan. According to Chen Zi Qiang, the fan came about because that’s what competitions ask for. Yang style a fan form and thus Chen style have to have one too. CZQ create the 36 fan form in respond to that request and I don’t think it was meant for competition at the Youth Olympics. He created the form based on the sword form and incorporated the fan’s unique features of opening and closing as distractions and protection and hitting with the top of the fan. I first learn the 36fan form from him in Seattle, WA in Oct 2016.