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Single Sabre

“Play” the sword like a graceful dragon (flying through the sky). “Play” the sabre like a fierce tiger pouncing on its prey. Chen style single broadsword form is short, efficient and practical. No frills or acrobatic movements. Swift and decisive in every stroke.

Chen style broadsword belongs to the short weapons in taiji forms.  The original form only has 13 movements and thus is also known as 13 movements dao (十三刀 shi san dao). The new routine is modified by Chen Zhao Pei (18th generation) while he was teaching boxing in Nanjing (1930 – 1938), adding 9 more movements to create the popular Chen Taiji Dan Dao form that is practiced in Chen Jia Gou. The routine is short and forceful, each stroke is lively. Centered on the movement of the circling the weapon around the head, there are 13 kinds of sword movements including hacks (砍 kan3), chops (劈 pi1), parries (拦 lan2), thrust, raises, pushes etc. These sword movements are then combined with leg  techniques, stepping patterns of Chen Taijiquan , jumps and turn arounds to generate this robust, natural and powerful form that encompasses the essence of all taiji forms, integrating softness and hardness.

1. Opening (dan dao qi shi)

2. Broad sword protects the heart (hu xin dao)

3. Green dragon emerges from the water (qing long chu shui)

4. Whirlwind withers the flowers (feng juan chan hua)

5. White clouds cover the peak (Bai yun gai ding)

6. Black tiger searches the mountains (Hei hu sou shan)

7. Su Chin bears the sword (Su Chin bei jian)

8. Golden rooster stands on one leg (jin ji du li)

9. Rolling away from the blade (ying feng gun bi)

10. Cut the white snake in half at the waist (yao zhan bai she)

11. The sun revolves three circles (ti tao san huan)

12. Scatter the clouds and see the sun (bo yun wang ri)

13. Separate the grass to look for the snake, left (zuo bo cao xun she)

14. Separate the grass to look for the snake, right (you bo cao xun she)

15. Green dragon emerges from the water (qing long chu shui)

16. Whirlwind withers the flowers (feng juan chan hua)

17. Goose separates its golden wings (yan bie jin chi)

18. Flesh eating demon explores the sea (na zha tan hai)

19. Turn left to chop (zuo fan shen kan)

20. Turn right to chop (you fan shen kan)

21. White snake spits out its tongue (bai she tu xin)

22. Embracing the moon (huai zhong bao yue)

Technically, there is a 24 movement – closing.

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang performance the broad sword. Complete demo begins at 1:56.

Complete instructional video.

Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei performing the broad sword.