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Other Teachers

Other Chen style taijiquan teachers whom I was fortunate to meet and respect their dedication to the practice of Chen style taijiquan.


World Chen Xiao Wang Tai Ji Quan Association 陈小旺 Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang

  • The 19th generation standard-bearer of the Chen family martial art.

Chen Jia Gou Tai Ji Quan School 陈小星 Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing

  • The 19th generation lineage-holder of the Chen family martial art and Principal of Chen Jia Gou Tai Ji Quan School.

Chenjiagou Taijiquan School, Chenjiagou, Henan, China 陈家沟太极拳学校

  • News regarding the Chen Village Taijiquan school

Close to Madison, WI

Chenjiagou Taijiquan USA, Chicago – Andy Loria

  • Andy is a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing. I have known Andy since I started Chen style taijiquan in the 90s., Chicago’s western suburbs –  Brian Springmeyer

  • I have known Brian for many years as well and would see him often at Grandmaster’s work shops.

Kansas, MO

Chen Huixian’s Chenjiagou Taijiquan Academy Chen Huixian

  • 20th-generation descendant of the Chen family and an excellent teacher.

Seattle, Washington

Embrace the Moon Kim Ivy

  • Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. I met Kim in Chen Village in 2008. Great teacher.

Seattle School of Chen Style Taijiquan Derryl Willis

  • Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. I met Derryl many years ago and it an excellent teacher. He is such a nice guy.

San Diego, CA

The Taoist Sanctuary of San Diego Bill and Allison Helm

  • Disciples of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. Great couple. I met then in Chen Village in 2008.

Los Angeles, CA

Chen Bing Taiji Academy白承哲 Bosco Baek

  • Disciple of Master Chen Bing in Los Angeles, CA. I knew Bosco when he was studying in Chicago.

Phoenix, AZ

Chen Xiaowang World Taijiquan Association, Phoenix Betty Dong

  • Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. I met Betty in Chen Village in 2008 and we share another common interest in photography.

England, UK

Chenjiaogou Taijiquan G.B. David Gaffney/ Davidine Siaw-Voon Sim

  • Disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang in England. They are prolific writers of the art. Davidine and I share many common interests such as food and photography.