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38 form (San Shi Ba Shi – 三十八式)

This 38 movement routine was created by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang 陳小旺 and is based on the traditional olfd frame first routine (Lao Jia Yi Lu) that contains 75 movements and new frame first routyine (Xin Jia Yi Lu ) that has 83 movements. Grandmaster Chen deleted repeated movements and simplified a few difficult movements from Lao Jia Yi lu and Xin Jia Yi lu, while preserving the characteristics of traditional Chen Style Taijiquan with more silk reeling movements.

1. Preparatory Stance or Starting Form (Qi Shi, Yu Bei Shi) 预备式 or 起势
2. Strong Man Pounds the Mortar (Jin Gung Dao Dui) 金刚捣碓
3. White Goose Spreads Wings (Bai E Liang Chi) 白鹅亮翅
4. Three Steps Forward (Shang San Bu) OR Twisted Steps (Ao Bu) 上三步 (拗步)
5. Inclined or Diagonal Posture (Xie Xing 斜行
6. Gathering at the Knees (Lou Xi) 搂膝
7. Twisted Steps Forward (Qian Tang Au Bu) (3) 前趟拗步
8. Hidden Punch (Yan Shou Gong Quan) 掩手肱拳
9. Leaning Punch (Pie Shen Quan) 撇身拳
10. Push with Both Hands (Shuang Tui Shou) (3) 双推手
11. Change palms three turns (San Huan Zhang) 三换掌
12. Elbow Meets Fist (Zhou Di Kan Quan) (4) 肘低看拳
13. Stepping Backwards with Turning Arms (Dao Juan Gong) 倒巻肱
14. Step back and press elbow (Tui Bu Ya Zhou) 退步压肘
15. White snake spits tongue (Bai She Tu Xin) 白蛇吐信
16. Turn Back Quickly (Shan Tong Bei) 闪通背
17. Twisted Steps Forward (Qian Tang Au Bu) 前趟拗步
18. Green Dragon Emerges from Water (Qin Lung Chu Shui) 青龙出水
19. Punch towards the Ground (Ji Di Chui) 击地锤
20. Double Jump Kick (Ti Er Qi) 踢二起
21. Protect the Heart Punch (Hu Xing Quan) 护心拳
22. Cover the Front (Qian Zhao) 前招
23. Cover the Back (Hou Zhao) 后招
24. Right Heel Kick (You Deng Yi Gen) 右蹬一根
25. Left Heel Kick (Zuo Deng Yi Gen) (2) 左蹬一根
26. Jade Maiden Shuttles back and forth (Yu Nu Chuan Suo) 玉女穿梭
27. Holding Coat at Waist (Lan Zha Yi) 揽扎衣
28. Six Sealing and Four Closing (Liu Feng Si Bi) 六封四闭
29. Single Whip (Dan Bian) 单鞭
30. Earthworm burrowing under the mud (Que Di Long) 雀地龙
31. Step Forward to Form the Seven Stars (Shang Bu Qi Xing) 上步七星
32. (Small Frame) Grasping and Hitting (Xiao Qin Da) 小擒打
33. Moving or Waving Hands (Yun Shou) 运手
34. Pat Horse on High Back (Gao Tan Ma) 高探马
35. Double White Lotus (Shuang Bai Lian) 双白莲 (雙白莲)
36. Head strike Cannon Fists (Dang Tou Pao) 当头炮
37. Strong Man Pounds the Mortar (Jing Gang Dao Zhui) 金刚捣碓
38. Close (Shou Si) 收势

Grandmaster performing 38 form