Thanksgiving Break

No classes at the Co-op Village or the Fitchburg Senior Center this week. Have a great Thanksgiving break and see you all the week after.  Remember to sign up for MSCR classes soon. I believe the deadline for spring classes is 11/30. 

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MSCR Fit For The Holidays Classes – 3 weeks of unlimited fitness!

MSCR is offering special classes during the holidays. Have you wondered how tai ji quan can be used for self defense? If so come check out these short classes and learn a few movements. No guarantee that you can defend yourself after a 45 mins class but I can guarantee that if you continue learning tai ji quan, you will one day.

Mon 11/30 Hoyt 7-7:45 pm

Tues 12/8 OKeeffe 7-7:45 pm

Tues 12/15 Okeeffe 6-6:45 pm

Click here to see the program or visit site and following the link under “What’s Happening at MSCR?” $40 Residents, $60 Non-residents. Course #51003. Attendin just one or all, you are in control.

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Master Chen Ziqiang will be in Chicago Nov 20-22, 2015

Master Chen Ziqiang will return to Chicago this fall to teach his family’s art.

(click link above to visit original web site and preview a video of the double mace form)


  • Vice-Principal and Head Teacher, Chen Jia Gou Taiji School.
  • Chief Secretary of the Chen Jia Gou Taiji Association.
  • Oldest son of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Xing.
  • Nephew of Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang.


November 20-22, 2015


November 20: 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Chen Family Double Mace Form

(BYOM:  you can make maces out of dowel rod.  Length:  with arm at your side, length of maces should be ~distance from top of your head to your fingertips.  Please see the beginning of the video below as a reference)

November 21-22:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Chen Family 5 Levels of Push Hands


The University of Chicago, Ida Noyes Hall, 3rd Floor Theater
1212 East 59th St.
Chicago, IL 60637


$60/half-day; $110/day; $190/2 days; $240/2.5 days
$25 late registration fee after November 6, 2015.
No personal checks accepted after November 6.  Cash only at the door.

Make registration payable to: Andy Loria
Send to: 5536 North Bernard Street, Chicago, IL 60625


Accommodations in Hyde Park

Beadle Residences (full apartment)
Hyatt Place
Chicago Lake Shore Hotel

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MSCR 2016 Tentative Schedule


For those who are planning ahead, here are the tentative classes for Jan – Apr 2016.

Beginners Chen Style Taijiquan focusing on silk reeling exercises will be on Mondays (1/25 – 3/14) from 7pm to 8pm.

Intermediate class docusing on forms will be on Tuesdays (2/16 – 4/5, skipping 3/22)  from 6pm to 7pm.

Both classes are subjected to a minimum # of 10 registrations. Classes that do not meet that minimum by the MSCR deadline will be cancelled.

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Monday’s Classes at Village Co-op stopped until further notice

First off, I want to thank Barbara and Don for hosting the taijiquan classes at the Village Co-op and Kathryn for being so accommodating and filling in for me in my absence. We have decided to cancel the Monday classes (no class starting tomorrow 7/27) until further notice. We will reconsider in September if we want to continue having classes at the Village.

FYI – new Tuesday evenings classes will begin in September at Hoyt Elementary. Classes will be offered through MSCR. Check out their web site when the fall programs are ready for registration.

Thanks everyone for participating at the Village.

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Class Schedule (new as of July 26th, 2015)

Monday classes at Memorial High School through MSCR after school programs for students and staff, starting up again in fall.

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm (usually) Chen Style Tai Ji Quan (forms)

(New) Tuesday evening classes at Hoyt Elementary School offered through MSCR beginning Sep 15th, 2015!

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Beginners Chen Tai Ji Quan (standing, silk reeling exercises, movement principle)
7:15 pm – 8:15 pm pm Intermediate Chen Tai Ji Quan (forms and weapons)

Thursday classes at  the Fitchburg Senior Center, 5510 Lacy Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711. $2 per class. No registration needed. All fees donated to the Fitchburg Senior Center.

8:30 am- 9:30 am Basics (silk reeling exercises)

…. and when the weather gets better, we go outdoors.

Wednesday classes at McKee Farm Park Shelter, corner of McKee and Fish Hatchery  Click here for map. No registration needed. $5 per class. No classes if it rains BEFORE class starts. If the shelter is in use by others, look around the park for me or a group of taijiquan players. :-)

6:30 pm- 8:30 pm Silk Reeling followed by forms (empty hands, weapons, etc)

I am currently teaching at Fitchburg Senior Center, Village Co-Op Housing and, through MSCR, students at Memorial High School. I am planning to expand the schedule to include evening classes this fall when I find economical and locations to keep cost down for everyone. I am also available for private lessons or workshops in or out of town upon request at reasonable rates.

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New evening classes available this September through MSCR

Good news! I will be teaching evening classes again this fall, beginning September 15th, 2015. These classes will be offered through MSCR. Stay tune as they finalize the program. Here’s the current plan. Also, since I am out of the country this July and Concert on the square is also on certain Wednesdays, Kathryn and I decided to not have Wed evening sessions at McKee Farm Park. I will let people know if I am planning to go there to practice and you can join me.

Tuesday evening classes at Hoyt Elementary School offered through MSCR

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Beginners Chen Tai Ji Quan (standing, silk reeling exercises, movement principle)
7:15 pm – 8:15 pm pm Intermediate Chen Tai Ji Quan (forms and weapons)


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Information worth sharing

I usually avoid sharing what others are already sharing on the internet about Chen Style Taijiquan unless I am in total agreement with the content. Most content out there are results of good intentions but may not necessarily contain correct information. That’s not the case with the following information from Brisbane Chen Tai Chi. Happy reading.

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CZQ’s advice on how to get better in my practice

1) Ding – stability

2) All the other things you hear about doing taiji :-) elbows down, shoulders relax, sit in your kua, body upright, etc. etc. Inside wound up, outside calm.

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