Lao Jia Yi Lu workshop this Saturday & Sunday

Reminder that this is happening this weekend.

Sat AM -Part 1 covers the first 15 movements. From preparation to 2nd Jin Gang Dao Dui.

Sat PM – Part 2 continues from 2nd Jing Gang to Gao Tan Ma, 12 movements).

Sun AM – Part 3 has lots of kicks, jumps and footwork, ending before Yu Nu Chuan Suo (Jade Maiden on the loom).

Sun PM – Part 4 is mostly review with large movements – jump far, reach high, etc.with a mix of left over movements at the end.

Stay tuned for new mini-workshops happening in January and news about the weekly classes starting at Hybrid Athletic Club.

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四海為家 太極的故事 – The Story of Tai Chi – Home Across the Four Seas

From Stephen’s FB Post (True Tai Chi)

A wonderful, four-part documentary produced by CCTV (China national television), was just released, showing the impact Chen Taijiquan has had on New Yorkers. The program focuses on students of Ren Guangyi, whose lives have been impacted by Taijiquan training. Its a unique testament to Taijiquan’s power as cultural exchange and to its universal benefit.


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New Mini Workshops this December! – Registration Update

Update 11/27/17 – keeping it simple. Send me an email if you are interested and show up early at the club to make payments.

I am super excited to announce that I will be able to conduct mini workshops this December at Hybrid Athletic Club in Fitchburg!

Saturday, 12/2/17 2pm – 5pm

  • Fundamentals of Chen Style Taijiquan
    This is an introduction to Chen Style Taijiquan. We start with stretching, followed by standing and then learn silk reeling exercises (SRE), to coordinate our movements through the core.

Saturday, 12/9/17 2pm – 5pm

  • 18 Movements Form
    Created by Grandmaster Chen Zhen Lei, this is a subset of the long beginner’s form (Lao Jia Yi Lu – Old Frame First Routine). It builds upon the previous workshop. We will start with stretches, standing and a quick review of the SRE.

Saturday, 12/16/17 9am – 12 noon – Part 1 of 4
Saturday, 12/16/17 2pm – 5 pm – Part 2 of 4
Sunday, 12/17/17 9am – 12 noon – Part 3 of 4
Sunday, 12/17/17 2pm – 5 pm – Part 4 of 4

  • Lao Jia Yi Lu – Old Frame First Routine
    These 4 sessions will focus on the traditional beginner’s form learned in Chen Village. The form consists of 75 movements.. Each session will build upon the previous session unless you already know the form.

Hybrid Athletic Club
2881 Commerce Park Dr, Suite A
Fitchburg, WI 53719
(608) 276-8074

I have been struggling over how to structure classes that will help you learn new material and retain what you learned. An hour class (or worse, a 45 min class) is too short for the body to pick up new feelings and movements.  Minimally, I would have 1.5 hr classes. Ideally I would like to teach the way I was taught. 3 hours of training with lots of time for individual practice. I will post registration information on my web site when I work out the details with Kjersten.

Kjersten Bakke, owner and Master Trainer of Hybrid Athletic Club, is a fun person to work with. She is a coach to many, and an inspirational person. She also has an amazing place! 16000 sq. ft. space that is clean, well-kept and ideally suited for those who wants to be active. There’s now space for private lessons, small group lessons for those who wants to hone their skills and large groups starting out to explore Chen style taijiquan, or just want to learn something new. Check out their web site.

Download Flyer

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Through Realization not Speech

An excellent write-up on what training is like in Chen Village. Reminded me of my retreat in 2010 with Chen Xiao Xing.

“Through Realisation Not Speech”


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Class Schedule (as of Nov 22nd, 2017)

2017 Schedule

*** New series of mini workshops in December at Hybrid Athletic Club ***

Saturday, Dec 2nd, 2017 – Fundamentals of Chen Style Taijiquan

Saturday, Dec 9th, 2017 – 18 Movements Form

Saturday – Sunday, Dec 16th – 17th, 2017 – Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame First Routine)

Tuesday morning classes at  Village Cohousing Community (110 Mound St, Madison, WI 53715) hosted by Barbara and Don MacCrimmon, led by Kathryn. $10 per class. No registration needed. Please contact Barbara at or 608.260.9363.

9:00  am- 10:00 am Chen Tai Ji Quan (standing, silk reeling exercises, movement principle, forms)

Thursday morning classes at  the Fitchburg Senior Center, 5510 Lacy Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711. Free class. No registration needed.

8:30 am- 9:30 am Chen Tai Ji Quan (standing, silk reeling exercises, movement principle, forms)

We are learning the 36 movements fan form to kick off 2017!

I am currently teaching at Fitchburg Senior Center and MSCR. I am also available for private lessons or workshops in or out of town upon request at reasonable rates. See rates here.

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Winter Weather Policy at Fitchburg Senior Center

In case you are not aware, it is winter soon 🙂 In the event that Kathryn or I have to cancel Thursday morning class, we will call or leave a message with the center. I will also add a post here, so you can either check on line or call the center (270-4290) to check before going out. If driving conditions are not safe, stay home. Take care and remember if you slip, point your (fill in the blank) straight down.

— Khiang

Date: November 21, 2017
To: Fitchburg Senior Center Instructors
From: Jill McHone, Senior Center Director
Subject: Winter Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, the Senior Center will automatically cancel both the home delivered and congregate meal programs when Oregon schools are closed.

The cancellation of all other programs will be at the discretion of the Senior Center Director and/or Class Instructor. It will be the responsibility of the instructor to notify class participants of any cancellations or to encourage participants to call the Senior Center for cancellation information.

If an instructor needs to cancel a class due to weather or other circumstances, they must call the Senior Center as soon as possible. If it is outside of our working hours (8am-4pm), please leave a message on our main line, 270-4290. We will then include the cancellation information on our phone message as well as relay to all staff. Please note that in the rare occasion that the City of Fitchburg makes a decision to close, ALL Senior Center activities will be automatically canceled.

Following is contact information:

Main Line – 270-4290

Jill work – 270-4291 (direct line)
Jill cell – 772-4867

David work 270-4292 (direct line)
David cell – 332-6929

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Great workshop last weekend with Chen Zi Qiang

OMG! I learned so much from Chen Ziqiang about pushing hands over the weekend. I have been so fortunate to meet Zi Qiang and his father for they have imparted so much knowledge about Chen Style taijiquan to me. Every time I have a workshop with them, I learn something new that will change my form and my practice and every time, it is for the better. I don’t want this learning to ever stop. Ziqiang is such a generous teacher.


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This is great translation by Paul Brennan. I have always thought that the “White Crane” reference was something introduced by Yang Lu Chan when he taught in Beijing but I may be wrong. Chen Ziming used that reference as well although his teacher was Chen Xin and Chen Xin’s original writing has it as “White Goose”.

This translation was also reference by David Gaffney in his article on Taijiquan “Placing Hands”.

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Sword forms pages have been updated

Took me a while but I finally got the movements listed for the single sword forms (49 movements and 54 movements)

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Thursday class at Fitchburg Senior Center is now FREE and open to everyone

I am happy to announce that Kathryn and I have decided not to collect fees for the Thursday class at Fitchburg Senior Center. We want to encourage participation in this class and invite anyone to come learn taijiquan. Setting a fee would be against our intention to teach this class. Please share this with friends and family, young and old, let’s have fun together.

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