Master Chen Zi Qiang in Seattle this October

Update 10/29/14 – I am here in Seattle and it has been 2 days with Master CZQ and my understanding of taijiquan has gone up another level. I know how to do the martial flowers in the spear form — rather I know what I need to do for those flowers. The purplish bruise on my knee is a reminder of what not to do. I also understand more about the 113 energies in Taijiquan and in reviewing online translation, I see many misconceptions. I will be writing up what I understood of the 13 energies or jin.

Just received exciting confirmation for the October workshop in Seattle, WA. Master Chen Zi Qiang will be teaching spear and sword.  My kind of workshop and I will be interpreting again. Check out the workshop information here.

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Class Schedule

New calendar view. Watch this for class cancellations.

Tuesday classes at the Village Co-op, 1110 Mound St (corner of Mound and Mills). Shared cost, small group classes. Click here for map.

9:30 am- 10:30 am Basics (silk reeling exercises) + Form (Lao Jia Yi Lu)

Thursday classes at  the Fitchburg Senior Center. $2 per class. No registration needed. All fees donated to the Fitchburg Senior Center.

8:30 am- 9:30 am Basics (silk reeling exercises)
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